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Greenhouse Eco Friendly Initiatives

Siargao Island has been designated as a protected Land and Seascape by the Philippines Government. At the Greenhouse we are committed to responsible and sustainable practises which respect the local cultures and the delicate balance of nature.

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Waste Reduction. The 6 Rs

We aim to minimise waste using a process of elimination and separation. Refuse, Refill, Return, Repair, Recycle and Reduce.


This initiative effectively removes the accumulation of harmful contaminants such as plastic by refusing to purchase or use non essential products which contain toxins that affect the environment such as polystyrene, batteries and plastics.


At Greenhouse we refill items such as soaps, shampoos and cleaning chemicals rather than buying single use plastics which are easily discarded and hard to recycle. We also encourage the use of cloth bags for shopping.


Greenhouse purchases only glass beverage bottles which are returned to be reused eliminating the need for plastic single use bottles.


Wherever possible repairs are made to broken items such as engines, tools, equipment, buildings and computers - rather than replacing them. Natural materials are used wherever practical.


Greenhouse separates waste into Biodegradable and Non biodegradable waste. The biodegradable waste is used to feed animals or produce fertiliser compost. The non biodegradable is separated and recovered for secondary use where possible.


We encourage guests to be mindful of their footprint whilst staying at the Greenhouse by reducing their consumption of energy, pollutants and water.

Energy Reduction

Greenhouse aims to be totally solar powered in the future. Right now we use solar power for lighting in our guest houses and shortly as our Solar House expands we will be introducing solar power for all the resorts electric needs. Our light bulbs were replaced with Energy Saving LED lights and we encourage staff and guests to be aware of their energy usage.


In partnership with SEA movement (Siargao Environmental Awareness Movement) and Kudo Surf ( Local Siargao surf business producing clothing from recycled plastics) the Greenhouse has committed to many external programs and initiatives to raise awareness and help keep Siargao clean and green. Staff are also educated on good practise and how the 6 R’s apply to them at work and at home. Guests are educated by management to make the link between what they use and where it inevitably will end up. For example, if guests use Pantene and other commercial products containing phosphates when showering they can expect to return to Siargao in a few years to find the oceans being suffocated by blue green algae.

Minimal Chemical Usage

Greenhouse uses no chemicals in the gardens and has removed the need for commercial pesticides. We do not practise “Fogging” because of its residual effect on the food chain. Cleaning products are biodegradable wherever possible and staff are taught to use any chemical sparingly and specific to the task. Our laundry uses biodegradable detergent and we dry clothes in the sun rather than use clothes dryers. Environmentally safe Shampoo’s and soaps are provided in all guest areas and guests are encouraged to use these biodegradable alternatives.

Water Conservation

Guests and staff are reminded that the water from the taps in Greenhouse come from wells which pump fresh water from the water table deep below Greenhouse. Due to water shortages we remind guests to use water with respect. “Throw don’t flush” is practised at Greenhouse to stop non organic waste from entering the environment.